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Web Privacy, Trust Seals & Security

  • Guaranteed To Boost Web Sales
  • Build Trust: Prove You're Committed To Privacy
  • It's Easy: Fast Setup & Nothing To Install

The US Postal Service Recommends VeraSafe for eCommerce Websites.

We Guarantee You’ll Earn More Sales With VeraSafe. Start Risk Free Today!

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We Have 100+ Sizes, Styles and Colors Of VeraSafe Trusted Seals To Match Your Unique Website Style

  • Website Trust Certificate
  • VeraSafe Privacy Seal
  • Web Security Seal
  • Verasafe trust seal green
  • Verified Privacy Seal

See What Our Members Say About VeraSafe Trust Seals:

Testimonial 1

"Nobody comes close to the care, the customer service or the site help that you get with VeraSafe.

...Silicon Valley’s best should take notice: I don’t see any reason why anyone would pick another provider above VeraSafe."

Jason - Rossi & Rovetti Flowers

Testimonial 2

"By displaying the VeraSafe Trust Seal on our site, our customers can simply click on the seal and verify...

...that we have gone through a validation and authentication process, and we are indeed who we say we are. Highly recommended!"

Kim L. - GourmetBasketsOnline.com

web privacy

Did you know that every website needs a privacy policy? VeraSafe has the tools you need to ensure compliance and build trust with your shoppers. We have a web privacy solution to fit your budget.

Privacy Policies & Privacy Seals

  • We Provide a Fully Compliant Privacy Policy Tailored To Your Website
  • Add The VeraSafe Verified Privacy Seal to Your Website
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vulnerability scanning

VeraSafe Website Security Scanning technology is essential for keeping you and your shoppers safe. We scan daily for malware, plus our special proactive scans stop hackers before they attack.

Website Security Scanning

  • Scans Your Website Daily For Malware and Other Security Threats
  • Includes The VeraSafe Security Seal to Prove That Your Website Is Secure
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Security Certificates

All e-commerce websites that accept personal information from users need an SSL certificate properly installed. VeraSafe has bulk discounts available on the most popular SSL certificates.

SSL Certificates

  • Member’s Only Rates For The Best SSL Certificates, EVSSL, Wildcard SSL
      and More
  • Register with VeraSafe Today to Access Our Insider Discounts.
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trust seals

The VeraSafe trust seal is seen millions of times around the web each week. Our seal is widely recognized and will help you build trust with shoppers online.

Professional Website Trust Seals

  • The VeraSafe Trust Seal Is Guaranteed to Increase Sales On Your Website
  • Without VeraSafe You Could Be Loosing Out On Valuable Sales.
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