Attention Small Business Owners: Make the Perfect First Impression with E-Commerce

The Simple Truth

Science proves how psychologically crucial the first impression is to any relationship, either professional or personal. One study of the first impression phenomenon featured everyday people who were presented with 20-to-32 second filmed clips of job candidates on an interview. Each person graded the candidates on charm and confidence. Their scores were compared to the grades that the interviewers gave the same candidates, after 20-minute interviews.
The result: the assessments from the everyday people and trained job interviewers were practically equal. Amazingly, what the average folks noticed in 20 seconds held true for those who studied a candidate for nearly half an hour. What can explain how first impressions became so important? Tufts University researchers have verified that first impressions are essential to human survival. Snap judgments help dodge danger or welcome needed resources. Small business owners should take note: so much hinges on a first impression.

Good First Impressions Increase Conversion Rates

Studies in business have also shown a relationship between first impressions, customers, and sales. Researchers from the University of Mississippi planned an experiment to gauge how first impressions of a customer affected the quality of the sales experience. Their findings revealed evidence that “certain aspects of the first impression lead to successful short-term sales outcomes (i.e., closing the sale, satisfaction).” Unfortunately, the study also noted that some characteristics of first impressions “often hamper longer-term sales outcomes (i.e., relationship building).” This study clearly demonstrates that it’s not just making a first impression that counts. Making the right first impression is what truly matters.
In the conversation surrounding e-commerce, many argue that one feature in particular can positively distinguish a business immediately, with positive long-term effects as well: the trust seal. Emblems that immediately convey trustworthiness in shopping online, trust seals can be earned by small businesses that have proven their authenticity and good-standing with an independent trust seal authority. Once passed, a trust seal represents the organization’s successful completion of the verification process.
It’s no secret that trust seals are crucial to making a great first impression. Nearly every major internet company uses trust seals. And while some trust seal programs cost many hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per year, others are far more affordable, so making that great first impression doesn’t have to break the bank.

Trust Seals Give a Great Impression to Customers

Many small business owners, looking for an excellent trust seal, have found that companies like VeraSafe make the best first impression upon them. The VeraSafe trust seal provides the quickest approval, conducted by an independent evaluation. Its prices, starting at less than $9 monthly, are vastly superior to VeraSafe’s competitors. And the 30-day No Risk Guarantee means small businesses can sample the benefits of trust seals on their sales without a full commitment.
Parting words for small biz owners who want to succeed: fix up your website’s first impressions. Trust seals provide an instant solution for consumer fidelity – and sales triumphs.