Matt Cutts On Website Security

Malware Defined

Malware is a term used to define a host of cyber mayhem including viruses, spyware, Trojans and general applications intended to damage computer systems. If you manage a site through a personal computer which boasts impenetrable protection using anti-virus software, that is only protecting your computer system and not offering the slightest security to your website.

Just by viewing your site, a user can be exposed to tainted software, which will download itself without your knowledge or theirs. As malware is often contained within invisible site components, a guest may browse your content and get served up a side of cyber calamity.

The Dangers of Malware Have Arrived

If malware creeps through any vulnerability of your site, the ramifications can be disastrous.  With millions of internet users frequently getting their fix of social media, negative site encounters can spread faster than fire. And it can be difficult to rebuild a reputation from the ashes. Especially if the website you operate is tied to any profit, business or other entity that generally benefits from being held in high regards.

Malware has already saturated the Internet with no signs of letting up. Google currently blacklists approximately 6,000 websites daily due to each one carrying some kind vicious software that is damaging to visitors. Changes are you won’t be notified if Google does blacklist you, however VeraSafe offers daily blacklist monitoring that automatically alerts you if you end up on the blacklist.

How to Stay Safe

There are a plethora of threats that change daily. As soon as protective measures are developed and put into place, cyber criminals revise their approach and strike again. Website owners need to keep a keen eye out and become just as quick to adapt, in order to always be proactive about best practices for site security.

Steps to security:

●Do not oversee any aspect of your site from a public or free Wi-Fi hotspot, only trust encrypted connections.

●Connect with website security blogs or RSS feeds to keep up to date on current threats and protections.

●Opt for the strongest passwords and do not become complacent, remember to revise passwords frequently

●Run daily automatic malware scans using VeraSafe’s complete security scanning and security trust seal combo. This is an outstanding, professional malware detection suite that also includes a professional website vulnerability assessment.

Protect Your Website Now

It is critical that website owners rise to the challenge and take steps to protect their sites and their site users. Carefully considering options for precautionary actions is the perfect place to begin to improve your site security. Engage in dialogue with other site owners to raise awareness and keep the threat of malware from being ignored. It will take a collective force of knowledge and effort to effectively combat cyber dangers.