Three Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Website Look More Professional

First Impressions Count BIG

Within a fraction of a second of landing on your site, potential customers have likely made up their mind about trusting your website. You may need to reconsider the “look and feel” of your web presence to make sure you’re giving customers a great first impression.

Design changes don’t have to be expensive, trust seals can increase conversions, and testimonials and content will go a long way towards establishing trust between you and your customers. All of these things will bring you more sales and more profits in the short and long-run. Here we’ll go over how you can polish your website to look more professional without breaking the bank!

1. Design

Design goes a long way towards making your website professional! While you might think you need to spend a lot to have a great website, you don’t! Some simple ways you can improve the design of your website are:

Use Multi-Media

Using pictures and video on your site is an easy inexpensive way to increase conversion rates. Think about it, when you’re on a website looking to buy, do you trust sites without images or want to read large blocks of text? Think like a customer and you’ll do fine! Just be careful that all of the pictures and video don’t slow your site down too much.

Easy on the Eyes

If your site is using bright colors, you may want to fix that ASAP! (White is not considered a bright color.) Muted colors like greys, greens and blues that fall in the middle range are a good choice for any site; reds should be used sparingly and to call attention to things like prices, buy buttons and other important areas.

2. Trust Seals and Security

Using credit cards online can be dangerous and consumers have a hard time trusting unknown websites. You want to show them that your site is safe, that their information won’t be intercepted and that they’ll have a great experience shopping with you.

Trust Seals Show You’re TrustedSample VeraSafe Trust Seals

You might not think that a little image can make a big difference, but it can! Trust seals show your visitors that you are trustworthy: it proves you’ve got the budget to keep on top of website safety and that your company’s contact information has been manually verified. Customers also can click on the trust seal itself and check your unique instant verification page and verification status. Trust seals have been shown to have a major positive impact in that split second judgment that your customers make the moment they land on your site.

Affordable Way to Increase Conversions

A low cost web verification seal will help you move more people towards the point of sale. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get verified as a trusted website. VeraSafe offers you great deals on trust seals that will help you increase conversion rates. All purchases come with our no-risk, money back guarantee to make sure you’re happy with the VeraSafe website seal.

3. Content and Testimonials

Content and testimonials go a long way towards establishing trust and professionalism online:

Get a Blog

Blogs are important, no matter what services you provide or products you’re selling. A blog gives you a platform to explain what your company is all about, promote new products and let people know about sales that are going on. Blogs give you that interactive element that customers love, and you’ll be able to add in social media widgets to get greater exposure. If you’re not great at writing, you can hire a freelancer to maintain your blog for you. Keep it updated weekly with new content that’s relevant and links back to your site (even if it’s internal).


Testimonials about your products WORK. You’ll want to get real testimonials from people who have bought your products and services; how do you do this though without spending a lot of money and giving away free products? You can run promotions where people can win free products by tweeting a testimonial, blogging one, and sharing your products with their friends and followers.

Keep it Original

Often when your ecommerace site is selling items from a manufacturer, you’re given product descriptions that you just copy and paste to your own site. You’ll find that this plays havoc on your SEO and you can even get slapped with penalties for duplicate content. To fix this, you’ll want to write unique product descriptions (they can be as short as a 70 word twitter message, or as long as 300 words to get better search engine love). They need to be peppered with search terms your potential customers will use to find your products; if you don’t know much about SEO, consider hiring a freelance SEO specialist for a cheap consultation.

When you’re aiming to make your website more professional, a few changes can go a long way! Work on enhancing your design and layout with pictures and colors that are easy on the eyes. Go with a VeraSafe trust seal, because customers expect to see a seal on legitimate sites. Add content and testimonials to build trust even more. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the professional website your business needs to survive online, so start increasing conversions today!