Privacy and Security

PrivacyTrain is our all-in-one solution for privacy and security awareness and training in your organization

  • 1 Reduce the risk of a devastating data breach caused by employee error
  • 2 6 engaging, on-demand modules designed to build security + privacy knowledge and habits among employees
  • 3 Use our turnkey Learning Management System (LMS) or yours
  • 4 Comply with regulatory requirements including EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and HIPAA (for HIPAA BAs)

Benefits of VeraSafe’s Privacy and Security Training

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce risk, and help your organization comply with many privacy and security regulations (such as the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework).

Reduce Risk of a Breach: Once-a-year Training Isn’t Enough

Ten months after watching your annual privacy/security compliance training video, employees have long forgotten what they learned. Our short bi-monthly training modules are the perfect way to keep IT security top of mind.

Training that won’t become a break-room joke

Our computer based training modules are quick and effective. They convey useful information, and even power users will learn new ways to protect their devices and your organization’s data.

Training and Awareness: Creating Privacy and Cyber-Security Culture

Turn your employees from a security weak spot into a security asset.