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Website Privacy Seals

  • Features:
  • A Privacy Policy For Your Site
  • Privacy Verified Trust Seal
  • Helps With Privacy Law Compliance
  • Efficient, Easy Process
  • Consultation With A Privacy Expert


Website Security Seals

  • Features:
  • Daily Security Scanning
  • Professional Website Security Seal
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Scans for Malware & Vulnerabilities
  • Works With Website and Web Apps


Compare To:

VeraSafe Offers:

The More Reputable Privacy Program
Warning: TrustE was sued by the U.S. Federal
Trade Commission in November 2014
for deceptive trade practices.

Qualified Professional Advice
You’ll get hands-on advice from a Certified
Information Privacy Professional (CIPP).

Multiple Seal Styles & Colors
With the competition, you’re limited to 1 or
2 color options. With VeraSafe, the choices
are nearly unlimited.

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VeraSafe Offers:

Endorsed by the US Postal Service
We have a reputation for excellent
customer service and professional business

Consumers prefer VeraSafe over
Trust-Guard 4:1 in a national survey.

Best Value
VeraSafe is designed to give you the
absolute best value and best return on investment in the industry.

Compare To:
McAfee Secure

VeraSafe Offers:

Affordable, Easy Standards Compliance
VeraSafe offers our excellent USA-based
support to ensure that web security is easy
for you. We are here to help you!

Flexible Scan Schedule
Scans are scheduled and run automatically. No install or setup required. Plus, run scans on-demand any time.

No Hidden Fees
Lifetime price lock. We don’t charge more
when your website traffic grows.

All Plans Include These Professional Features:

  • Trust Seal Trust Seals To Prove You’re Verified
  • Trust Seal Global Recognition
  • Trust Seal Friendly USA-Based Customer Support
  • Trust Seal Builds Trust and Boosts Sales
  • Trust Seal Easy To Implement
  • Trust Seal Simple Business Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Required From Me During The Trust Seal Verification Process?

During the verification process we will verify the contact information you submit during registration. We’ll also make sure you have a properly installed SSL certificate if you collect sensitive information from users (we’ll help you with this if needed).

The verification is handled almost entirely by our verification team and typically requires only minimal involvement from you. It is a very easy process that any legitimate website can achieve.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified In The Trust Seal Program?

Our verification team will begin the website verification process immediately after you submit your registration. The process takes as little as 1 day to complete.

Can I Buy Just Website Security Scanning Without The Privacy Program Or Trust Seal Program?

Yes! You can buy any combination of our plans. Buy just what you need and nothing more. Plus, you can always change or add plans at a later time. All plans include a professional website seal for your website or web app.

I’m Not Very Technical. Will I Be Able To Use VeraSafe Services?

We designed our trust seals, website security scanning and privacy seals to be easy to use. We have step-by-step guides to help you with the easy installation process of all our website trust seals.

Our website security scanning is fully automated and requires little to no configuration to begin using right away.

With our Privacy Program, our Certified Information Privacy Professionals personally walk you through each step in the process.

I Have Multiple Sub-Domains As Part Of My Website.
Can I Use One VeraSafe Account For All My Sub-Domains?

Yes, all VeraSafe services work with unlimited sub-domains. Just register one VeraSafe account and install the trust seals across all your sub-domains.

Do You Offer Discounts For Multiple Domains?

Yes, just chat with us now or email us to request your multi-domain discount. The more domains you register, the lower the price for each domain.