Mobile Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Pentesting

With the rise of mobile devices, mobile apps are increasingly a target for hackers. B2B and B2C mobile apps are frequently used to submit and access the most sensitive categories of data, including financial data.

Your organization must take the security of its mobile apps seriously, or risk exposing sensitive company data.

VeraSafe offers a comprehensive mobile app penetration testing service that can help your organization prevent a disastrous data breach. From easy to spot encryption defects, to complex logical errors in your app, VeraSafe is your trusted partner for “black box” mobile app security reviews.

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VeraSafe offers penetration testing for:


iOS application extension


Android application extension


Windows application extension

To perform security assessment of a mobile application VeraSafe utilizes various tools including automated scanners, open source tools, custom scripts and manual assessment. This allows us to perform a thorough assessment and uncover deeply rooted vulnerabilities. Once the assessment is complete, an actionable reported is created which includes details related to the vulnerabilities, steps to reproduce, proof of concept and steps to mitigate so that your team can patch the issues as soon as possible.

VeraSafe Mobile Pen Test Process Includes

As there are different mobile environments available each with its own unique architecture, there is no single automation framework available which can cover all the relevant platforms. Hence the approach, tools and methodologies required to test applications vary across the different environments. VeraSafe’s mobile app security testing is performed using actual hardware devices as well as emulated environments so that a more complete understanding of the application can be attained and a more thorough analysis performed.